Factors To Determine AC Unit Installation Cost

With summers getting more and more extreme, air condition installation has become a necessity. However, you may be concerned about the complications of the cost of installing an AC. However, working with a professional HVAC contractor can resolve this dilemma.

Kind of AC system

The cost of installing AC unit will depend on the kind of system you consider.

  • Central system – Duct work is blended with heating system for cooling the entire house
  • Window units – A singular unit is installed in windows
  • Split system – An indoor and outdoor units are installed either as central system or mini-splits
  • Portable units – Is available as split, evaporative or hose system, which is easy to move around the house

Window AC is designed to keep small home cool but is less powerful than central AC system. For big homes with multiple rooms, central AC system is the best choice. Final cost of centralised AC system will depend on extra items like ductwork and labour.

Factors that determine the type of system and cost

  1. SEER & EER ratings

According to ReL Energy, Energy efficient equipment is the best cooling equipment, which reduces the expensive energy cost. Professionals apply this in load calculations. Next they consider the EER or energy efficiency ratio, which needs to be 95db/75wb outside and 80db/67wb inside. SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio is vital for people living in dramatically fluctuating climate. Cooling units need to have minimum SEER 13, which enhances home energy efficiency by 30%.

  1. BTU

Size of the home is the first factor, which is measured in BTU’s. AC units are calculated in TONS. BTU means the amount of time taken to remove from the house in one hour. Large house needs more cooling power but in every scenario bigger is not suitable. Overlarge system emits large sound and wastes energy. Alternatively, small system runs constantly to cool the house but is inefficient.

Hire professionals to install HVAC system. It is a process that needs assistance from a series of professionals.

  • AC contractor – Determines the system type needed to be installed
  • Assistant – Team that helps the ductwork, wiring and mounting

Cost of materials will also be included in the AC unit installation. If you already have central AC system then using the duct work and existing fans can cut down the cost. However, if you reside in an ancient house then install vents and ducts. Upgrading the current system together is much cheaper.