Protecting Your Unborn Baby FromChemicals Found in Insecticides

Insecticides are a huge concern for adults and children and especially pregnant mothers. Insects, fleas, mosquitoes and other bugs are just some of the reasons that you need to spray insecticide in your home. However, the chemicals used in making the insecticides are not safe for people with low immunity and pregnant mothers.

Insecticides contain chemicals that affect the nervous system of the insects and kill them. During the first trimester, your baby is developing its nervous system, and the chemicals in the insecticides can cause issues to the rapidly growing baby, you, therefore, need to avoid contact with insecticides during this time.

Yard Spraying

Apart from spraying your home with insecticide, you regularly call in a professional company to come and spray your surroundings with insecticide to kill the crawling menaces. This is also dangerous and should be stopped when pregnant.  These chemicals increase the risk of your baby developing leukemia. You need a better option.

Some companies might argue that they use organic insecticides that are safe for use, but you need to be wary of this explanation. Although the terms can be confusing, you need to know that natural and organic aren’t the best synonyms for safer or better. Even natural chemicals can cause potential harm if they aren’t handled the right way.

Increases Body Defects

Studies show that exposure of the pregnant woman to household insecticides increases the chance of the baby developing limb defects, heart defects, oral clefts and neural tube issues. You should, therefore, avoid using any insecticide in the home during this time.

The Solution

One of the best ways to stay safe and still get rid of bugs and insects in the home is by using bug zappers that use light to attract the insects. The zapper also uses an attractant that isn’t harmful to you or your baby.

You can choose a zapper depending on where you wish to use it and the area you wish to cover. If you are using the zapper within the house, then you need a smaller one that covers a few meters. If you wish to use it outside the house, then go for a zapper that can cover up to half a kilometer radius. Go ahead and read more about these devices and how to use them in the home.

Final words

Don’t let insects take over your home when you are pregnant. Insecticides will affect the baby and your health as well. Go for solutions that are feasible, and that will safeguard your unborn baby.