How To Sell Your Classic Car For Maximum Price

Selling a classic car is different from selling any other car. While selling a classic car, you don’t just have to look for the seller but the right seller who is willing to pay a fair price for your car.  Also, deciding on a price for a classic car is not that simple.  You must do your homework right and determine the right price you should sell your car for.

In this article, I will try to show you how you should find the fair price for your classic car and where you should look for the premium buyer who would be willing the price you want.

Step1: How to Decide The Right Price


Before you begin thinking about the right price, you must ensure that your car is an original classic car and not a duplicate or a car that is cloned off the original. Clones look very much like the original however their VIN don’t match. Do research online about your car. Find out all the differences between the original and clone version. Research the car journals and speak to the car experts. You should be sure that your vehicle is 100% original classic.

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Step2: Get In Front of Right Audience

Now if you are convinced that your car is indeed a classic, then you need to put your advertisement in front of the right audience.

While posting on the internet classified sites may be the quickest way to sell your car, however, it may not be the right place for selling your online. As the audience on these sites is not that targeted, you may not get your asking price and would be wasting your time by trying to sell through these places.

The best place online to advertise your cars is on car clubs sites.  Depending on the model and make of your vehicle,  you might find some local car clubs by searching online. These car clubs would give you an audience that would be interested in your vehicle and willing to pay a high price for it.

If you are having difficulty finding car clubs, you can also connect with your target audience online through online forums or Facebook  groups.

The another option for you to get the maximum price for your car is to enter your car into an auction. This option would cost you more, few thousands of dollars,  but this is your best bet for getting the maximum price for your classic car.