Setting Up a Coffee Bar at Home

Espresso and cappuccino have become very popular with coffee lovers. Espresso represents the stronger of the two amend also forms the basis of the drinks you buy from coffee shops. Times have changed, and you now don’t have to go to the coffee shop to enjoy your favorite cup of espresso or cappuccino – you can make this from home.

Commercial cappuccino machines can be beyond the reach of your wallet, but the good news is that you can get a home espresso maker for the home. Let us look at the different requirements for your coffee bar.

Espresso Maker

To set up a home coffee bar, you need to have the most essential tool of all – the espresso maker. You will find a wide variety of espresso makers on the market for home use, some are automatic, and others are semi-automatic. Choosing the perfect maker requires you to undertake some research. You also need to look at the different prices so that you buy a maker that suits your budget.

Once you choose the right espresso maker, the next step would be to find a source of coffee beans. You need to handle this aspect with tack and some research. Remember, low quality begets low quality, while high quality delivers the perfect kind of coffee.

Among the sources, you can get the best coffee beans from coffee shops or the internet. When picking the beans, make sure you don’t grab those that have been on the shelf for long.

The Cups

You will need a variety of espresso and cappuccino mugs from My Demitasse. You shouldn’t serve the drink in your typical mug; it will take away the whole experience and make it tasteless. There is a procedure for using these cups. For instance, espresso mugs should be kept in the warmer of the maker. If not, you might have to pour hot water into the cup before using the espresso.

These cups come in different shapes and sizes. Some are tall while others are short and wide.  Overall, the cups need to be able to hold the liquid, the foam and the toppings without spilling any drink.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to get to the coffee shop each day to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso or cappuccino. You can make your cup from the comfort of your home. Take time to get the right maker and the right cups for the task.