How Does A White Noise Machine Help Sleep Better?

While some people cannot sleep even to the slightest sound of a fan running, white noise machines are the latest in sleep inducing gadgets that produce uniform soothing noises to make you sleep better.

According to technical definition, white noise is a kid of consistent noise that is produced evenly across all your surroundings. This way, the uniform soothing sound snuggles all the other different frequency of sounds in the room, thus helping you sleep better. For instance, these white noise machines with its own soothing and consistent sound, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere, hush the inconsistent noise of a fast speed. This is especially beneficial for light sleepers who get frustrated by the sudden changes in the surrounding noises. One great website that caters to these machines is

Though there is some sure maths involved behind these machines, in the simplest definition these soothing noise machines mask off the various surrounding inconsistent sounds such as partners snoring, doors creaking, fans at high speed etc. by equally distributing a soothing sound around the room to create a uniform atmosphere. The simple logic here is that sound works on our conscience even while we are asleep. In fact, some soothing sounds help us fall asleep faster. Ever slept asleep while hearing your favourite song? The principle with these machines is the same.

In fact, these machines are gaining popularity with new parents who want their babies to sleep soundly without getting affected and waking up in the middle of the night with strange sounds. Although, such machines are not advisable for babies according to the recent studies as they might hamper their development, adults can safely use these machines to fall asleep like a baby.

Many of such sound machines are available in the market that has soothing sounds of waterfall, ocean waves, wind, rain etc. However, it is always advisable to buy one from a reputed brands since they sell these machines only after keeping the audible frequencies in mind. Thus, the sounds are not too high or disturbing to the ears and brain. The basic setup of such as machine involves an enclosed fan with a speed switch. The air is driven through small slots designed in the machine’s casing, which produces desired sound. Commonly, three types of sound machines are available-mechanically generated CD recordings and electronically generated.

You can pick up any of these white noise machines and get quality sleep every night.