5 Places to Buy Instagram Followers

There are so many Instagram sites popping up that offer everything ranging from likes, Followers, comments, and what other types of engagement that takes place at Instagram that it becomes hard to find a place that you can trust so that your signals actually get delivered. So instead of giving you a list of sites dedicated to Instagram, we are going to do things a little different here.

Different as in we’re going to take a look at platforms that offer an escrow service, or that manage the orders for you. Think of Fiverr, Guru, PPH, Upwork, and so forth.

Fiverr – most affordable

At Fiverr you can buy tons of affordable services, starting at only five dollars, I bet that’s where they got their name from. When you buy something at Fiverr they keep the funds locked till the gig is delivered so you never have any risk of getting ripped off by the seller. Easy right?

Guru – inexpensive solution

This is a platform that works a little different than Fiverr, it’s more comparable to a place like Freelancer.com really. You can hire people there that offer their services at a fixed price or you can hire them by the hour. Hourly projects often end up more expensive as the freelancer might be buying time and work less hard so I’d be careful with this one if I were you.


Although the name indicators that you can only hire people by the hour this isn’t true. When I was browsing for Instagram followers I didn’t find that many offers and most what I found were rather expensive so this wouldn’t be my first choice to grow my Instagram account. I have to admit I didn’t spend hours on this so maybe you’ll have more luck.


One of the largest platforms out there with the most professional database of freelancers, there are so many options to chose from. Actually to many if you ask me, that I find it rather cumbersome to work with. Because of their reputation, the freelancers feel they can ask any price they want so don’t be surprised to get offers from people that offer to get you Instagram followers for twenty dollars an hour only to end up with a few hundred followers by the end of the week and getting charged hundreds of dollars for that.


Probably one of the most spammy platforms out there. But for something like followers that might be exactly what you needed. I don’t want to sound racist or anything but it appears they recruit most of their workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the likes and those people definitely master the art of botting so instead of messing around with a bot yourself you could just as well hire them to do it for you, often at as little as three dollars an hour!